Supercheques are the UK’s most popular voucher-based reward currency due to their simplicity and choice. Available in denominations of £5, £10, £20 and £50, they can be redeemed for the largest choice of vouchers and gift cards from all the major high street retailers, experiences and travel and entertainment suppliers. Click here to see our fantastic range of vouchers.

Supercheques provide a diverse campaign delivery solution to all audiences; employee, channel and customer. They can be used for reward, recognition, long service, customer loyalty and retention, Christmas bonuses, salary top-ups, sales promotions or simply as a thank you - the list is endless.

Communication mechanics can be tailored to both your budget and your target demographic. Paper, email and SMS options ensure that the campaign communications are relevant to the audience you want to reward.

The process is super simple with quick turnaround times as we can provide our non-branded 'Classic' Supercheque straight from stock. When the Supercheque is handed to the recipient they can either go online to redeem for their vouchers or send it into us to do it for them with the use of our free redemption wallets.

They can also be designed especially for your company or campaign with any denomination in a multiple of £5 - perfect for adding strength to your brand or reinforcing your campaign.

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